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Date Source Title
23 May 2017 Nanyang CabNet 关注大马市场
23 May 2017 The Edge Market CabNet makes strong debut, gain 27%
22 May 2017 The Star Online CabNet makes strong debut on Ace Market at 68 sen
15 May 2017 The Edge CabNet to be fourth Ace Market listing this year
13 May 2017 Nanyang Siang Pau CabNet Holdings oversubscribed 48 times
12 May 2017 Sin Chew Daily Online CabNet 超额认购48.32倍
12 May 2017 Nanyang Siang Pau Online CabNet 控股超购48倍
11 May 2017 The Edge Markets Online CabNet Holdings IPO public tranche oversubscribed 48 times
06 May 2017 Sin Chew Daily Online 发2100万股每股56仙
29 Apr 2017 Nanyang Siang Pau Online 放眼扩展业务市场 CabNet上市筹1175万
29 Apr 2017 Borneo Post Online CabNet launches prospectus with IPO 0f 21 million new shares
28 Apr 2017 The Edge Markets Online CabNet aims to raise RM11.76m in IPO
28 Apr 2017 The Sun Daily Online CabNet Holdings to raise RM11.76m from IPO
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CabNet caters your every needs with your fiber optics from single mode to multimode fiber. Our fibre optic services include installation, termination, splicing and testing of indoor, outdoor, and underground and aerial fiber products.
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